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Advance your business with our CustomWare alternative software.

Advance your business with CustomWare

CustomWare Explained

CustomWare is an alternative to OEM software as there is no requirement to bundle (include) the software with a piece of equipment. Essentially a CustomWare dealer purchases our software in bulk that we’ve customized on their behalf. Our dealers then sell this customized software under their own brand name. For example: a sign supply store that trades as “ABC Signmaking Supplies” might wish to sell their own brand of signmaking software i.e.
ABC Signmaking Software

Most dealers will often wish to mix and match tools and features for their specific needs and place their logo and brand name within the software. Accordingly all references to the software’s normal brand name and Future Corporation are usually removed.* There is no specific requirement as to how much the software might be customized, this is for the most part at the dealer’s discretion. There are, however, preset package (customization) levels which set out what can be modified—please see  CustomWare Packages

The Power of COR-Technology™

Essentially, an OEM dealer purchases our software in bulk at a heavily discounted price and then bundles (includes) a copy of the software with their related equipment such as a printer, plotter, router, or engraver. The dealer then sells their equipment bundled with our software.
Our OEM software is physically the same as the retail counterpart and will always work with the same drivers, downloads and plug-ins etc. and with our extensive built in and online help, training and Easy-Step Install™ our support still remains second-to-none.

CustomWare Program​

Our software can be extensively customized to suit any particular need or purpose. It’s ideal for anyone or firm who wishes to promote and sell their own brand of high-end professional software who simply do not have the time, resources and/or expertise to develop and write their own.
The degree of modification can be from as little as just renaming the program through to adding or removing any number of tools and features and creating an entirely new program that appears to be a unique product developed by the seller themselves.
We offer generous discounts and settlement terms and are actively seeking dealers and manufacturers who are looking for a sustainable solution for their software needs.
It’s easy to become a CustomWare dealer. Simply fill in the CustomWare Application and we we’ll send you a no obligation CustomWare kit.*
The kit includes everything you need to work out what level of customization you wish apply to the software which you plan to market. You will also be advised how many copies you will need to purchase at each level of dealer discount.
The great advantage with our CustomWare Program is that there are no setup charges or fees PLUS we offer deep discounts and assign a specialist technician and account manager to work closely with our CustomWare Dealers.
As an added bonus we allow our CustomWare Dealers to cross promote their other products within our software, such as their vinyl, inks, media and/or other equipment. This is done by allowing dealers to list all their contact information and provide live links directly into their website where customers can order their supplies and equipment.

CustomWare Packaging

Unless prearranged with Future Corporation, all CustomWare software packs come without a retail box as the software is normally shipped and purchased in bulk. This allows the CustomWare dealer to sell their own brand name products at a competitive price, whilst still enjoying generous margins.

CustomWare Dealer Margins​

We offer a range of staggered CustomWare dealer discounts which are based on your chosen CustomWare Package along with the minimum number of copies to be purchased per order (not per month or per year—just per order) and as with normal practice the greater number of copies purchased the greater the discount given.
The tremendous advantage with our CustomWare Program is that we do not charge for any setup or ask for any ongoing fees. This coupled with our deep discounting PLUS the fact we assign a specialist technician and account manager to work closely with our clients our CustomWare dealers get the best deal and value-for-money in the industry.
Specific margins (dealer discounts) are provided after you submit an CustomWare Application and we evaluate your request.*

CustomWare Terms & Conditions​

Our CustomWare dealers are only required to sign a simple no nonsense agreement which legally obliges them to purchase a minimum quantity of copies (based on their chosen package) and pay a modest deposit to get their customization project underway. The agreement does not need to be exclusive, but naturally, greater discounts are given for an exclusive arrangement.
All other terms and conditions are provided after the initial CustomWare Application is submitted online.*
*Conditions apply. Applications are not automatically accepted.
If you don’t wish to customize any of our software packages but would like to bundle it with a piece of equipment and still obtain a deep discount, please see our OEM Program

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