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CustomWare Packages

CustomWare Packages

Find out more about our complete CustomWare packages to set your business up for success.

CustomWare Packages Explained

Each CustomWare package is a varied level of modification to any of our software programs that allows our clients from marginally altering the software to totally customizing it. 

This effectively allows our clients to re-brand and distribute the software as if it were their own product, into the markets they wish and at the price they choose!
We also provide an online ‘generic’ live-update and plug-in download service which doesn’t refer to Future Corp or any other product.

Concerned About Providing Support?

With our extensive built in manual and online help and training plus our Easy-Step Install™ support is completely minimized.
You also have the option of recording your own lessons and tutorials which we can assist you with. If, however, you require us to do this on your behalf it will increase the number of copies you will need to commit to.
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CustomWare Package 1

Allows a dealer to alter the software’s:
  • Titles and Names throughout
  • (Full Product Re-Identification)
  • Start-Up Splash (Box/Screen/Window)
  • Contact Details
  • Copyright Notice
  • Program Website Links
  • CD Design & Printing
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Guide

CustomWare Package 2

Includes all of CustomWare Package 1 and also allows a dealer to further alter the software’s:
  • Menu Icons and Names
  • Button Icons, Names and Hints
  • Gizmo Icons, Names and Hints
  • Edit and List Box Names and Hints
  • Tools & Features Icons, Names and Hints
  • Default Keyboard Shortcuts

CustomWare Package 3

Includes all of CustomWare Package 1 and 2 and also allows a dealer to further alter the software’s actual functionality by allowing you to:
  • Add or Remove Menus, Buttons, List Boxes, Edit Boxes, Controllers, Gizmos, Tools and Features in any combination
  • Add or Remove Dialogue Boxes
  • Add or Remove Modules, Plug-Ins and Snap-Ins
  • Update and Alter the software into the future and create New Versions
Essentially Package 3 is totally customized software and requires significant user involvement, investment and time.
Note: This level of modification must meet our stringent functionality, stability and usability policies and conditions. Details of which will be provided to you after initial application and approval.

How Does It All Work?

After your initial application is approved and we enter into a formal agreement, we provide you with all the necessary documentation in kit form along with specialist utilities, training and support to complete your alterations and upload them to us. We in turn implement your changes, edit and test these and issue you with Beta version of your new software for testing and resubmission until gaining final approval and official release date.
Once this process is complete we proceed and produce a fixed number of copies and ship them to you for distribution.
*Conditions apply. Applications aren’t automatically accepted.

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