Introducing Version 5!

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What’s New For V5

What’s New For V5

What's New in V5

Arrange Tools

Circle Array (Advanced) Advanced

Auto circular array including a closed circle, arc and spiral to any radius and quantity of a selected item


Tile Array (Advanced) Advanced

Plus inter-copy spacing

Curve & Shaping Tools

Bezier Curves New

Bezier curves are easy to draw and to edit on the fly because the curve itself is completely contained within the convex hull of its control points. This means the curve can be manipulated intuitively to easily create almost any shape!


Replace Section improved

Replaces any section of curve (seamlessly replaces curve section with smoother section)

Cut Document Tools

Edit Tools New

Cutfile editing tools to improve layout and cutting including Automatic and Manual Align Marks, Chopping Guide with Overlap, Lift Marks, Speed-Weed, Group/Ungroup, Break Apart/Combine, Rotation and Duplicate


Merge Colors New

Takes selected colors and merges these into one color for cutting


Side-View Mode New

Rotates the Cutfiles for much easier layout of long artwork


Step & Repeat (Copies) New

Set the number of copies of each Cutfile


Tile Bleed (Overlap) New

Suite of tools to manage overwide cut files and create an Overlap to deal with shrinking on site


Tile Box New

Places a Cutline where artwork has been overlapped to improve weeding


Create Line Tool New

Create perfectly horizontal and vertical lines, inc. to any angle with an auto-join feature. Ideal for making fold lines and developing geometric shapes


Drag & Drop New

Ability to drag and drop more image files into the design at a single time


Export Files improved

Export the most popular file formats: ai, .bmp, .dxf, .eps, .jpg, .pdf, .png, and .svg


Exporting Files (Advanced) Advanced

Export additional vector and raster based formats including .plt and .tiff


Import Images improved

Import the most popular raster (image) formats including .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .psd, .raw, .rle, .tga and .tiff and Export .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, and .tiff


Import PDF Extended New

1. New import PDF now allows you to quickly assign cutting tools by color (Cut Contour, Fold Contours, etc) and 2. to bring in the artwork relative to the page it was designed on


Import Vectors improved

Import the most popular vector based formats including .ai, .dxf, .emf, .eps, .hpgl, .pdf, .plt, .ps, .psd, .pdoc, .vClip, .vLogo, .wmf


Publish to CMYK Improved

Publish your artwork in CMYK - ready for Offset Printing in either .tiff or .pdf

Plugins & Modules

Create Cut Contour improved

Create an Outline around Effects, Images, Objects, Shapes and Text etc. using the Create Cut-Contour module, and now traces very large and complex images with ease!


Image Nesting New

New option to automatically create a clipping path around images, when generating a cutting contour (allows nesting images with opaque backgrounds, hiding the parts outside the cut line) so they can overlap and save media


ImageCut New

Turn color or monochrome images and photos into cuttable artwork which appears to be a photo from a distance!


Perimeter Measuring Module New

Measures the length of the perimeter of a selected vector object or text. Ideal for working out the length of the material (aluminium/plastic/metal etc.) required to make extruded letters or shapes


QR Code Maker New

Make your own QR codes which can be used for many purposes inc. a website link


Rhinestone Module New

The Rhinestone module allows you to create an outher path and/or to fill a shape or text with all popular rhinestone sizes with several fill styles (patterns) to be cut out and used as a stencil


Stencil / Bridge Module New

Allows you to modify artwork so that the holes do not fall out


True Nesting New

Automatically interlocks objects of the same color together on the page to significantly reduce media (vinyl) wastage

Vinyl Cutter Tools

Blade Compensation Improved

Prevents the Plotter/Vinyl Cutter from Rounding-off Corners and stopping short of completing the cut. Ideal for small text and intricate designs

Vinyl Cutters

Connection Types (extended) Extended

Support for Bluetooth, Ethernet (Network), Printer (LPT), Serial (COM), USB Ports and WiFi


QR Codes New

Support for QR and dual QR Codes which allows loading the sheets upside down or normally, where supported by the cutter driver

Vinyl Cutting

ARMS / CCD Cutters (extended) Extended

Supports all major and popular ARMS (laser sensor) and CCD (camera fitted) cutters for the most accurate of contour cutting


Contour Cutting Presets New

New preset cutting tools/contours, ability to create perforation cuts and fold lines


Contour Cutting Wizard Improved

Interactive Contour Cutting Wizard that supports Auto-Mark (Auto-Detect) Cutters and Laser Pointer Cutters to quickly guide you to Print and Cut on 2 Devices or to Print, Laminate and then Cut on the same device. Easily calibrate your laser pointer and work with rotated artwork

Vinyl Spooler

16x Cut Passes New

Up to 16x cutting passes (useful for laser cutters to cut wood or thicker materials)


ARMS Output New

Ability to output ARMS artwork as either RGB/CMYK, TIF/TIFF or JPG/JPEG


CCD Support New

Ability to detect CCD marks for artwork designed in another program where supported by the cutter driver


Cutfile Management Improved

Save, Hold, Resend and Archive Cut Files. Force contours to be cut either in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.


Fold Lines New

Ability to create double fold lines (for sharper fold lines)


Perf-Cut New

Automatic option to generate dashed (perforated) cutting lines in the vinyl spooler


Production Queue Improved

Cut/Plot to multiple plotters at the same time over multiple ports and/or an Ethernet connection


QR Codse Support New

Ability to scan barcodes and QR codes in the vinyl spooler (depending on driver support)

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